More About the Characters Causing XSS in Opera

I talked about an XSS in Opera 9.51 as discovered by Chris Weber [1]. I talked with Chris and he hinted me something about the character encoding, which I certainly have little concept about it, and I found out why it is happening.

Except U+180E, U+180F, they are all associated with spaces ( The Zs, Zl, Zp categories ) [2] [3]. In fact :

U+2028 – Line separator in unicode 3.0
U+2029 – Paragraph separator in unicode 3.0

Different kind of spaces in unicode :

U+2000 to U+200A

U+180E is a Mongolian Vowel Separator character [4], and U+180F is a non-existent character. Somehow U+180E fall into the Space Separator category as well. For U+180F, I really have no idea how it happened. If you know what is happening, I really appreciate your sharing.

Well, quite a good lesson on international character sets, no? I really recommend Chris Weber’s blog [5] because it contains a lot of information on character encoding and web application security that you should not miss it out.

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