No Law, Said Chinese Cop

I figure this is not closely related to security, but nevertheless like to let you know what’s going on here. Today I was in one of the streets with more tourists in Shanghai, and took a photo, and obviously a cop wanted to stop that and approaches. Here is the conversation translated into English.

He begins : “Kid, show me the photos.”
I replied : “What did I do that authorizes you to scrutinize my camera?”
He coldly said : “You do not need to know. Show me your photos, and your ID card.”
I replied : “Of which of the law and under what authority allow you such privilege?”
He seriously said : “It is your best interest NOT to know about which particular law. If you do know about it, you will be in serious trouble. You should not ask any further.”
I replied : “So, there’s no law here you’re talking about?”
He gravely replied : “Kid, I am telling you again, there is NO law. And even if you know what is the law we are talking about it, I WILL guarantee that you will regret deeply about it, and there is nothing you can do about it even if you know anything about it. So, are you going to pursue your question? I am telling you the LAST time, show me the photos and the ID card NOW.

I know he’s not kidding, because he’s a Chinese cop, and I know he is going to frame me whatever without fear. As a smart intelligent being, I know there is no way to win the dignity, so I showed him the photos and ID card, and of course there is nothing he want. He let me go shortly after a few series of warning. I felt angry, but I remember this is China, a place where law works even more unexpected than in other places such as Hong Kong.

So, whoever in China, be very careful of what you are doing and saying in China. The bar is invisible and can zap you anytime.


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