Who Cares Beyond The Great Firewall

If you have read George Orwell’s 1984, you will know how history gets erased, or never existed. The point is that if people can never reference or see it, or locate any concrete information, they think it doesn’t exist. If you tell them, most people aren’t that skeptical enough to go verify it. And what for if they are to verify?

If you and almost everyone beside you have never been to Xanga.com, and it got blocked, do you care? You don’t, and because no one care, it goes unnoticed. Blogs? There goes Sina blogs, CSDN blogs, etc. Why Xanga? There are plenty of substitutes, few care about Xanga, Blogspot and WordPress.

On the other hand, many people here are being new to the Internet, but kind of aware of the perils the next corner. Now, if the Government tells you that they are protecting you from the perils of the Internet, and your kids from anything malicious. If they have such glorious claims, can anyone IN China refute? Of course, they never did, as far as I know. With such glorious claims, one can do in the name of virtue anything malicious, they have no problems justifying it at least to her people ( if they even need to. ) should that day come.

Tell them websites that do not exist? Yahoo News? We got Sina News. Ebay? We got our Taobao. Youtube? We got our Tudou. Anobii? We got our Douban. Google? We got our Baidu.

You can bypass The Great Firewall, but most of the people do not know how. Proxy? Are you expecting most people know what they are and how to find them? Not to mention you can get in serious trouble for doing so.

Now, love it or not. The government is winning the game for now.


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