The Wary Almost Tricked

Let me share an embarrassing experience happened recently.

A few days ago, I check this apathy plagued blog for no activity. To my surprise, I found several comments in the Akismet spam queue. Being skeptical, I wonder if any legitimate readers get blocked. For a deserted blog, my dear readers and their comments are even much more valuable. Some look very fake, but some are almost sound – complimentary, authentic and HUMAN.

“He got some really great stuffs there at Pingback at “.

Ouch, I almost thought it is real and want to click “Not spam!”.

“Gotcha!” ??

No. Not really, I am almost clicking it though. I’m human too, that’s why such phrases could have hit any psychological weaknesses. Yeaaa I write to be read, not to be deserted. Ahh! There you go that trap.

You see, although I don’t work with phishing and spamming for a living, I play security for hobby, and I consider myself more alert than the average john doe. I won’t assert that I am anything close to the experts like RSnake and Jeremiah Grossman. However, there are times that even such awareness might give in for a mistake. And this is only one, and traps are out there all time. And yes, I have eaten an IM virus by a careless click. Ouch.

Now I am thinking, if my user-awareness can only do as good as to avoid most of the spamming and phishing, but still susceptible to a few in some several hundred thousand ( or less? ), how much better can the rest of the non-geeky people do? Now think about China, this developing place, there is still even more uneducated people.

I really can’t hope my mum to grasp what is Cross Site Request Forgery.


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