Lives made easier again

There are quite a number of custom tools that are built to make reconnaissance easier. And moreover, they are packed into tool sets readily to be tested. One very well-known is a linux distro Backtrack where you can find hundreds of tools packed together ready for use, including the nmap, fierce, nitko, to name a few.

So these are more of the network and host level. For our internet, we also have our favourite Google, which is a very good place to start collecting information. With combination of the commands like “inurl:” stuffs you can really get some fruitful results out. Google search can really do a LOT. After Google, life has been easier for hackers.

Cult of the Dead Cow ( CDC ) just released Goolag not long ago that leverage Google’s capabilities to do automated reconnaissance, and I checked that the tool is rather comprehensive. Moreover, by just learning how the scripts work provides great insight for the interested minds. But then, this tool if leveraged against us, can be quite scary, given its convenience. Remember the Amazon datamining incident years ago, the author datamined the locations and reading preferences of 260,000 users on Amazon with ease, and even pinpointed some of their location. Well, with some work you can do alike in other places, maybe like the relationship of some people?

Ahh, let’s becareful of what we are publishing on the internet.


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