A suicidal attempt to save your spam box

Well, a lot of people have their mailboxes full of spam, especially the very first email box. It might carry some kind of meaning to you so you still keep it, but have abandoned it due to the horrible spam. There is actually a very destructive and suicidal method to battle such problems, and I have benefited from this method already. This method requires that your email can be suspended for awhile, or you can try simulate by stuffing things into your email box until nothing go into the mail box again.

Here’s the way. Shutdown your email functionality if possible, so every email that is sent to your email will get bounced back by your mail server, indicating the email no longer exists. After a month or two, reopen your email functionality, you should get a clean mailbox and the spam should be gone ( or decreased significantly ). If there are still targeted spam, you should continue the process until none finds you again. ( Explanation below )

Why does this work? First, you need to understand that spammers have no use of invalid email addresses. It is not that you ignoring them indicates an email box is inactive to them, but that your mailbox is bouncing back anything it tries to send ( even a small piece of text spam ). Now, since spammers actually sell the email addresses they’ve used to spam to other spammers after they make good use it, they will probably not try to sell a large list of invalid email addresses to other spammers — that’s very bad to their reputation in the business. So, if the spammers who have you realized that your email is invalid, in time they will remove you off the list. ( That is why if one spammer still has you, you will be sold again to various spammers ) There you go!

I did such a test with a mailbox with an average of 100 spam mail per day, and now down to almost zero. Most of the spam I got is probably bruteforce spam, and is extremely infrequent.

But be warned, though it works, the methodology is close to a suicide.


4 Responses to “A suicidal attempt to save your spam box”

  1. 1 Tom_Chan February 24, 2008 at 7:37 am

    Do I really have a choice to shutdown free emails like Hotmail/Gmail… and then reopen them?

  2. 2 Tom_Chan February 24, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Do I have a choice to shutdown free mails like Hotmail/Gmail and then reopen them later?

  3. 3 Tom Chan February 24, 2008 at 7:48 am

    I wonder do we have a choice to shutdown freemails like Hotmail/Gmail for a while and then reopen them…

  4. 4 log0 February 25, 2008 at 3:56 am

    Sadly, that greatly depends on your service, and I don’t see that on Yahoo! and Gmail. Though in the old Hotmail, your email can expire due to prolonged abandonment. But most probably not. And even if you bounce back your email manually, it would certainly look much different from a Mail Daemon. Though, I cannot be certain if this case works.

    And also, it depends on how the mailer ( the email sending software ) responds to it. The best way is that you own a mail server yourself.

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