Microsoft to acquire Yahoo!.

Well, I guess this is a pretty big piece of news out there. Microsoft announced that they will offer $44.6B to acquire Yahoo! . Ahhh, Microsoft is so determined to get a piece of the online ad service, and I still remember seeing the slide they described how Google will be monopolizing the future ad service.

Microsoft’s worries are not without reasons. As Google already has placed a lot of ads to where the predecessors have thought of, they got a gigantic database of user behaviour to play with. And Google, knowing very well their only source of revenue, has been working very hard to expand to more than the PC and notebooks, now the cellular industry. If it goes well, Google will surely be spanning more area, and thus collecting more user data and display more ad. And Microsoft is not having a large enough user base to do so, and not to mention they are doing badly in their search. In different perspectives about online stuffs, Google has a upper hand.

When you do search in a search engine, it’s bad that it doesn’t get what you want. Most people don’t want to waste time, if Google is going to get you what you want *accurately* most of the time, why That’s many minutes accumulated wasted if added up.

What I am curious is that since Yahoo!’s search algorithms is not as good as Google’s, apparently, what will be the effect of the acquisition on the search engine wars? Can the Microsoft Research center do anything with Yahoo!’s search technology?

By the way, that Microsoft has made such noisy public announcements, they aren’t going to get a no as an answer I bet? Now that they should have talked under the tables, by deduction the acquisition is happening very likely.

The search market will become a 1:1 .


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